Our Team of Consultants (Partial)

The horizontal structure of KSG with hierarchical independence and lateral operability of our global offices are fundamental to the organic core of the company. Each office in four different countries is independent in its operations and decision making authority but at the same time brings together the local value to form a globally coherent entity with one vision and one culture.

  • Sourav Kundu Ph.D. Chief Solution Architect, Managing Board Member Profile
  • Shinzo Asaba Japan, Partner, Managing Board Member, Business Assurance, Finance and Capital Markets
  • Sanchita Ghosh India, Senior Director, Managing Board Member
  • Matthew Swait Australia, Senior Director, Managing Board Member
  • Jim Hunter KSG North America Profile
  • Koichi Kawashima Japan, Senior Director, Managing Board Member
  • Jagannath Thakur India, Head of Technology, Asia Pacific
  • Subhas Mukhopadhyay Ph.D. Global, Technology Consultant, Intelligent Sensors and Internet of Things
  • Suparna Pal USA, Technology Consultant, Blockhchain, Internet of Things
  • Philip Keller Hong Kong, Management Consultant, BFSI and Artificial Intelligence
  • Md. Rejwanur Kabir Japan, Senior Director, Technology Assurance
  • Shashi Nishiyama Japan, Senior Advisor
  • Mukti L. Das Ph.D. USA, Senior Director, Business Development
  • Hiroyuki (Harry) Takeuchi Translation, Japan
  • Sao Hoi Ma Hong Kong and Macau

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