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KSG is determined to deliver the appropriate Project Assurance Services to support and mature your organization in the area of projects. Most of our consultants have worked in improving and identifying problems in project-related areas at many of the world’s leading firms. KSG uses its own methodology to help companies achieve the desired results through customized assessments and solutions to project-related problems.  Furthermore, many of our dedicated team of professionals hold industry leading certifications and are well versed in global project management standards. KSG’s main services in the area of Project Assurance are as follows:

Service Areas

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PM Consulting and Support

KSG project management consultants have been placed in many leading organizations to take on PM roles or support with the management of complex projects. In many cases, they have synergized themselves with the clients PM’s and PMO’s to deliver projects on schedule and within the required scope and quality requirements.  Furthermore, most of KSG’s consultants are bilingual which allows them to bring an added element of communication within the organization which is a definite asset to project communications.

Project Performance Metrics

It is common knowledge that in quality assurance, the creation of metrics can ensure lasting quality in an organization. Using this philosophy, our dedicated team created a new metric system to objectively assess the success of all projects within several organizations which in turn helped identify key problem areas within the PMO and project portfolio. An action plan was then developed based on KSG methodology and the changes that were implemented went to the root cause of the problem and proved to be permanent solutions, not just temporary workarounds.

Project Review and Recovery

Probably, one of the most frequent jobs that KSG performs is assessing the feasibility of problem ridden projects and, if necessary, creating a recovery plan to rescue the project from failure. In many instances, KSG has created innovative and affordable solutions to prevent the losses that would be incurred if a project was merely cancelled. Since KSG is external to the organization, one of its strengths lies in giving external, non-biased opinions about the project’s future.

Project Management Office (PMO) and Project Assurance Office (PAO) Support and Development

KSG has also been involved in the strategy, design, and development of PMO’s and PAO’s at several large firms that enlisted KSG’s specialized help. Using an in-depth analysis of the “As Is” situation, new “To Be” designs were created in alignment with the strategic needs of the company. After selling the designs to upper management and overseeing implementation, the new changes continually helped bring the desired benefits to these groups.

Project Procurement and Vendor Management

KSG’s core competency lies in its understanding and experience of the vendor management and project procurement processes. Several of our senior KSG consultants have worked as vendor and/or procurement managers at big corporations with heavy vendor reliance. As a result, not only has this area become a core competency of KSG, KSG has also developed many long term relationships with many of the major vendor companies, particularly due to strong ties with India. The following are just some areas that KSG staff have helped develop and improve at big companies:

  • Gathering and summarizing of vendor requirements
  • Coordinating proposal processes
  • Evaluation of vendor responses
  • Coordination of contracts in accordance with local laws (in collaboration with appropriate legal departments)
  • Support in the Vendor Management Strategy and Decision Frameworks
  • Working with service providers to identify changes to services

KSG can definitely help your organization in the area of assuring that your projects come out to what you want. Please click here to view a pdf version of KSG's Corporate Brochure with more detailed information about our services. For more infomation about how KSG can assure the quality of your company please contact us by e-mailing and we will be able to setup up a free consultation appointment with one of our consultants.